lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

 - My review is about “Bliss”
- The author is Kathryn Littlewood.
- This book is about:
All the inhabitants of Calamity Falls adore Bliss Bakery, and they do it for a simple reason: the recipes of all its products are magical and come from a powerful book that has been in the family for years. But above all the magic of the bakery is responsible for everyone Calamity Falls beging happy. When the parents are called to a neighboring village, the Bliss children stay in charge of the bakery for a week. And then one disaster happens and the magic is out of control. Chaos is the source of calamities! Luckily the mysterious Aunt Lily appears and with her help they get everything back to normal before their parents return.
- I liked this book because it´s a very nice book and teaches you how to love what you really like.
- You should read it because it teaches you to valve things of true.